Carteret County Seafood Markets

Salty Catch Seafood Company

Salty Catch Seafood Company delivers NC local caught seafood to the Triangle area.

Phone: (252)-241-4938


Salty Catch Seafood Company delivers NC local caught seafood to the Triangle area. The delivery service includes retail and wholesale. Owners Renee Perry and Steven Goodwin are passionate about our seafood industry here in NC and Carteret County. Steven grew up on the waters learning to fish with his family. He later became a commercial fisherman and has a family history of five generations of commercial fishing NC waters. Salty Catch Seafood Company’s goal is to supply superior products with exceptional customer service while at the same time educating and promoting our seafood industry.

Clyde Phillips Seafood Market

Clyde Phillips Seafood Market is your local seafood supplier.

Phone: (910) 326-4468

Homer Smith Seafood

Tony Frost, Jr.
101 Cedar Street
Beaufort, NC 28516



Beaufort Inlet Seafood / B&J Seafood

Lee Collins / Brent Fulcher
476 Old Causway Road
Beaufort, NC 28516


Capt. Jim’s Seafood

Capt. Jim’s seafood is caught by local fishermen and features the freshest seasonally available seafood. THERE’S MORE! Frozen products include: king crab and snow crab, Maine lobster tails, soft-shell crabs, mussels, chopped clams, crab cakes, deviled crab and Key Lime pies. Canned chopped clams for chowders. Assorted seasonings for the gourmet chef. Special pricing on bulk orders. Shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. Discount for senior citizens every Wednesday.

Phone: (252)726-3454

Miss Sandy V. Seafood

Sandy and Elbert Gaskill come from a long line of commercial fishermen. Her grandfather, Captain Stacy W. Davis, from Harkers Island was a commercial fisherman and was in the wholesale fish business. Her father, Captain Stacy M. Davis was a decorated WWII veteran and two-term Coast Guardsman. He spent 20 years employed in Civil Service at Cherry Point and served as a ferry boat captain in the North Carolina Ferry System and had charter boats and trawlers. “It’s in my blood,” Elbert says, of fishing. “My father did it and I’ve done it.  He had to work hard and so have I. But I like it. It’s all I want to do.”

Phone: (252)728-2089

Luther L. Smith & Sons

Billy Smith, son of Luther Smith, began partially working in the seafood business as a young boy with his father who owned a general store in Atlantic. His father wholesaled some seafood especially clams. Billy became more and more involved with seafood until his uncle suggested that he and his wife, Janice, should go full time into the seafood business. They named the business Luther Smith and Son Seafood and turned it into one of the largest seafood dealerships in the state. When he died in 1996, The News and Observer described him as “a towering figure in North Carolina’s commercial fishing industry.” His legacy is carried on by his son Dean and wife Donna.

Phone: 252-225-3341

Capt. Sam’s Seafood

Captain Sam’s Seafood in Cedar Point, NC is a private company owned by Sam B. Meadows III and was established in 1986.Sam was born in Carteret County and has lived in the Cedar Point area all his life. He started commercial fishing in 1964 and operates his seafood business in Cedar Point.  Sam’s great knowledge of this area and coastal heritage including commercial fishing are his passions. Captain Sam’s Seafood is an open-air fish market housed in a wooden shed and several metal cargo containers.

Phone: (252) 393-2444

Blue Ocean Market

Jack Cox’s company is Crystal Coast Fisheries and is co-owner of Blue Ocean Market. He started commercial fishing when he was 16 by going out on 4 to 5 day trips as a crew member for snapper grouper. He now has a 30-foot boat for sea bass fishing and a 28-foot center console primarily for grouper fishing. They sell for five full-time snapper grouper boats and several day trippers. He travels to Central America several times a year and visits seafood companies that they buy from when local isn’t available.  With his partners, they have a seafood market (Blue Ocean Market) which enables them to serve the retail community as well as the wholesale avenues.

Phone: (252) 726-4886

Mister Big Seafood

Eddie and Alison Willis are Co-Owners of Core Sound Seafood and Mr. Big’s Seafood.  They now own Mr. Big’s Seafood store together, selling seafood to their local restaurants and community and Core Sound Seafood, a community supported fishery selling local seafood in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  Eddie and Alison buy all the seafood supplied in shares and process most of it at their Harkers Island location.  Their hours of operation vary – depending on the seafood season.

 Phone: 252-725-9507

Fishtowne Seafood

Fishtowne, of Beaufort, North Carolina is a locally owned seafood business. Since it’s inception in 2004, Fishtowne has focused on buying local seafood harvested by local fishermen. The Carteret County fishing industry has a long history of producing quality seafood by hardworking, dedicated fishermen. Bill Rice, owner and operator, travels from one end of the county to the other, several times per week to stock his market with the highest quality, freshest products available.

Phone: 252-728-6644

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Luther Lewis & Son Crab Co.

Owner Nancy Lewis’s father was the “Clam King” of Carteret County, indeed the whole Atlantic Seaboard.  Nancy is following in her father’s footsteps except her specialty is crab cake.  Along with her daughter, Gay Mason, the manager, this business wholesales crab cakes across the country. Contact: Nancy W. Lewis

Phone: (252) 729.2271

Quality Seafood

Quality Seafood is a wholesale-retail fish company owned and operated by Bradley Styron of Cedar Island. Bradley is a passionate businessman, fair and is “quality” all around.  Contact: Bradley Styron or Beverly Gaskill

2890 Cedar Island Rd, Cedar Island, NC 28520, USA

Phone: (252) 225-0073

Shore to Door, Inc.

Joella and James Morris run Shore to Door from Straits, NC; a community just to the north of Harkers Island and one of the oldest communities in Carteret County. James is the son of six generations of commercial fishermen in Sea Level, NC and he learned what it meant to work long and hard in the water.

Shore to Door Seafood in Winterville, NC is our second member with that name.  They buy from our Carteret County fishermen and sell their catch at their a local seafood market in Winterville, North Carolina. Their clients include Greenville, NC and surrounding areas. Their Fresh Local caught products include: Flounder Shrimp Crabs Rockfish Oysters and more…

William Smith Seafood

The granddaughter of Billy and Janice Smith, pioneers of large-scale commercial fishing in Carteret County, Leslie Daniels, manages the company’s boats and fish house in Beaufort, NC. “When I got old enough to help, my first job for the company was heading shrimp,” said Leslie. Leslie’s father was the Smiths’ oldest son, William Ellis Smith Jr., who died in an accident in Wanchese in 1991. “After my father died, my granddaddy taught me things about running this side of the business.”

Phone: (252) 728.4155